About Rock Springs Academy

Structured learning with creativity and fun.

About Us

Our Mission

Rock Springs Academy was designed to provide our community with a high quality, age appropriate preschool. Rock Springs Academy is an alternative to the usual preschool programs within a daycare facility. We offer classes for age 2 through VPK.

Our school and program have been designed exclusively to offer part time preschool classes for children in the Rock Springs area. Our program and curriculum incorporate structured learning with creativity and fun.

For many children, our school is their first experience in a group environment. All of us at Rock Springs Academy intend to make each child’s day full of positive learning experiences.

Goals & Philosophy

Rock Springs Academy is based on the philosophy of respect for the individual child and their family. Our preschool program is designed to socially and academically prepare children for Kindergarten while providing a safe, fun learning environment. The children are encouraged to ask questions, make conclusions and develop independence. 

Throughout the school year the children will develop skills while learning about themes meaningful to their lives. Our developmental objectives include:

  • Developing a positive attitude toward learning
  • Expanding logical thinking skills
  • Acquiring beginning written communication skills
  • Expanding verbal communication skills
  • Experiencing a sense of self-esteem
  • Enhancing large and small muscle skills

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